The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I have been hiking with my human dad since I was a pup. I didn’t have a blog page until I was 2 years old and we walked the West Highland Way together in October 2019. I am going to write a blog entry each time we do an interesting hike. Hope you enjoy reading them. If you do please like or comment. If you don’t I promise to try harder. I will also blame my dad because I don’t think that he listens closely enough to what I am saying sometimes. What he doesn’t seem to realise is that this is my blog and he is my personal assistant and chauffeur. I have considered advertising for someone with more experience and a better grasp of Spaniel but I suppose that he will do for now. His position is dependent on my level of success. I don’t want him to hold my progress up. I’m only joking. We get on pretty well considering the species difference. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy our journey together in the great outdoors. Please let us know if there is anywhere that you would like us to go to. That isn’t an invitation to tell us to disappear to Outer Mongolia. I don’t think that my dad has funds enough for that. See you soon people and pooches!


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