1000 Miles

Hello again people and pooches. Today was a milestone for me and my human dad. At the beginning of the year we entered the Country Walking Walk 1000 Miles in 2020 Challenge. We pledged to complete 2020 miles in the year. Today we reached 1000 miles while we were walking in one of our local woods. My dad stopped when we hit the 1000 mile mark and made me pose for photographs as usual. He said that he had ordered a medal for me but, it had not been delivered yet so, I had to be happy with a paper version for now.

Me and the big feller

He said that we had completed the first part of our challenge together but, I reckon that if he has walked 1000 miles then I have probably walked about 1500 miles! While he plods along in a straight line, I do a lot of zigzagging, as I sniff in the bushes and long grass. I also chase birds, squirrels and anything else that moves. I can always find a rock to climb or a tree to circle around. So, I think that I passed the 1000 mile mark a while ago. I think that the big feller needs to track my miles separately from his. He is robbing me of my mileage.

Me and him again!

Anyway, for now, I will humour him and let him celebrate his miles.


2 thoughts on “1000 Miles

  1. Many congratulations Malcolm and Joe on your amazing achievement. Very impressive and encouraging to others. Joe I hope you get your medal soon.
    You have both kept me so entertained.
    I have missed having my dogs boarding during this time when business has been closed until people holiday again.
    Life without a dog is never the same.
    Stay safe, stay well.
    πŸ’™πŸ’™ Karen in Chester

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