Runcorn – Do you know the town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Due to the lockdown we decided to walk from our front door again. This time we chose to not tell you where we walked. I suppose that this sounds a bit strange but, we thought that we would mix things up a little. If you know Runcorn, you might be able to tell us where we went to. If you don’t know Runcorn, this blog may seem a bit strange to you, sorry! So, what we will do is show you some photographs of some familiar and some not so familiar, sites of Runcorn. If you feel like having a guess at where each of the photographs were taken, feel free to post your ideas in the comments section of the blog or on Facebook. In a few days time, we will post the answers. We hope that you enjoy having a go at this puzzle and if so, we will do another one shortly. By the way, I chose the title for this blog as ‘Do you know the town?’ as opposed to ‘Where’s Wally’. However, my human is a wally!

1              The first little teaser is obviously a letter box. It is, in fact, a quite rare King George V letterbox and is approximately 100 years old. Do you know where it is situated?

King George V post box

2              The second place that we visited is a short length of curved stone wall. It is approximately 6 feet tall and 12 feet long with a grass bank on the top. Its purpose has been discussed in Facebook groups.

Curved stone wall

3              Our next item is a signpost or fingerpost. Can you identify where it is situated. Here’s a clue. It is not Greenway Road!


4              The next one is probably quite easy to identify. The sign is on the front of a building. But, where is it?

Where is this building?

5              Our much trodden, next location is obviously a flight of stone steps. Can you tell me where they lead to?

Stone steps

6              The post in the next photograph is situated in the grounds of a Church. But, which church is it?

Which church?

7              The plaque that commemorates the life and times of a local hero, ‘Todger Jones’, is located on the front wall of what building?

‘Todger Jones’ plaque

8              The street sign in the next photograph can be found where?

Where is this?

9              Here is another plaque that indicates the original use of this building. Where is it to be seen?

What building?

10           An easy one to finish off. This unusual piece of art is located where?

Where is this sculpture?

That’s enough, we think, for now. Have a go if you think that you know our town. Sorry, but there are no prizes. Just the satisfaction of knowing that you know Runcorn like the back of my paw! Till next time!


One thought on “Runcorn – Do you know the town?

  1. I’ve never been to Runcorn so can not take part in the quiz but what a good idea for a walk and your blog.


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