Runcorn – Do you know the town – Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. A few days ago, we posted a quiz about Runcorn, our local town. It generated a lot of interest but, we appreciate that our readers from out of town would not be able to join in. Sorry! Anyway, thank you to everyone who read it and had a go. Here are the answers to the ten teasers.

1              The first little teaser is obviously a letter box. It is, in fact, a quite rare King George V letterbox and is approximately 100 years old. It is located outside of Stenhills News shop that was previously a Post Office. It is on the corner of Picton Avenue and Union Street.

2              The second place that we visited is a short length of curved stone wall. It is approximately 6 feet tall and 12 feet long with a grass bank on the top. It was originally the exterior wall of public toilets in Rock Park. It has been backfilled and nowadays doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than its aesthetic value.

3              Our next item is a signpost or fingerpost. This signpost is located at the rear of the Union Tavern, on the expressway sliproad. It is on the Greenway cycleway which circles Runcorn.

4              The next one was probably quite easy to identify. The sign is on the front of the Co-operative Society buildings at the Delph Bridge end of Halton Road.

5              Our much trodden, next location is obviously a flight of stone steps. Many Runcorn Football Club fans will have used these steps as they dropped from Delph Bridge to Canal Street.

6              The post in the next photograph is situated in the grounds of Holy Trinity Church which is behind the Swimming Baths. It is a Grade II Listed building and was first opened in 1857.

7              The plaque that commemorates the life and times of a local hero, ‘Todger Jones’, is located on the front wall of the Old Police Station on the corner of Mersey Road. Thomas Alfred Jones received the Victoria Cross for bravery in World War I.

8              The street sign for Hitchmough’s Court can be found above an ‘entry’ in Regent Street, next to Win Kitchen.

9              Here is another plaque that indicates the original use of this building. The building was used by the Mersey Power Company, later Manweb.

10           The final item is a sculpture that represents Aethelfled, Queen of the Mercians, who built a burgh, or fortress on the banks of the River Mersey. The artwork is located in the grounds of The Brindley, the award winning theatre by the Bridgewater Canal.

We hope that you enjoyed our little quiz and managed to spot a few familiar places in our town. Although there are no prizes for identifying the items, we had a great response. The person who identified the most (9 out of 10), at the time that this post is published, is Alan Forward. So, well done Alan, you obviously know your town.  Till next time!


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