UK Hiking quiz

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. While all you humans are struggling with the horrible virus thingy, me and my human have been walking from our front door. So, we decided to post something different while we can’t hike in the hills and mountains. We decided to try a little quiz of some of our previous hiking trips. We will post some photographs of different places around the UK for you to identify the location. Its just for fun but, you can comment on the blog with your answers or simply make a note of them for yourself. We will post the answers in a few days so you can see where you recognise from our trips.

1 Can you identify the beach in this photograph with its large dune area?

2 Can you tell where this is? I’m not in this photo because my human was panicking!

3 This hilltop item is a popular attraction but, what is it called?

4 Can anyone tell me where this bridge is or its name? Notice that I am not in the photo again. Because I would not keep still, allegedly!

5 Are you familiar with this area? If so, where am I?

6 Is this church somewhere that you have been to? If it is, where is it?

7 Where are we on this photograph?

8 One of our favourite places but, where is it?

9 Where are we now?

10 And finally, where was I taking a dip?

Thank you for looking and I hope that you had a go. We will do another shortly if the interest is there. All these photographs are taken from our hiking blog at


2 thoughts on “UK Hiking quiz

  1. Answers to the Quiz. 1)  Ainsdale Beach, Southport 2)  Pontcysyllite Aqueduct, Llangollen 3)  White Nancy, Bollington, Macclesfield 4)  Penmaenpool Toll Bridge, Mawddach, Wales 5)  Don’t know 6)  Llangelynin Church, Conwy (St Celynnin’s) 7)  The Roaches, near Leek, Staffs. 8)  Lud’s Church, Gradbach, Buxton 9)  Grimshawe Family Crest Coat of Arms, near Errwood Hall, Goyt Valley 10) Three Shires Head (Derbyshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire) Jean Bobker

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