Runcorn Quiz 2 – The Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. We posted another Runcorn quiz on 15th January 2021 and a lot of you have had a go at it. Quite a few people have left their answers on our website and by PM. Others have kept their answers close to their chests and are awaiting the answers. Well, here they are:

1              The first photo is of a beautiful ‘mosaic’ that is situated in the Japanese Garden to the left of the Town Hall in Runcorn. It is a tranquil place with sculptures and a landscaped garden.

Japanese Garden, Town Hall

2              The second place that we visited is obviously a stone post at the end of a wall. The post is part of the vehicular access to the Town Hall grounds, on Heath Road.

Town Hall grounds entrance

3              Our next item is a stone statue on a brick wall. The statue of St. Edward the Confessor is on the exterior wall of St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church in Ivy Street.

St. Edward’s RC Church

4              The photograph shows a section of an ornate window on the front of the converted St. John’s Church in Victoria Road. The building is currently utilised as a residential development.

The former St. John’s Welsh Presbyterian Church

5              This photograph is of a gatepost and a section of wall that is situated in Victoria Road and is a gateway into Runcorn Cemetery. The sandstone gatepost and wall contain a wrought iron painted gate.

Cemetery entrance

6              The item in the photograph is a series of tiles spelling the word ‘Enlarged’, which is part of a sentence on the side of Victoria Road School. The inscription states that the building was enlarged in AD 1897.

‘Vicky’ Road school

7              The Golden Lion plaque is situated above the door of The Lion public house in Greenway Road.

The Lion Hotel, Greenway Road

8              The ‘street’ sign in the next photograph is located on a row of houses in Greenway Road? The row of houses being Alexandra Terrace, obviously!

Alexandra Terrace, Greenway Road

9              The plaque in this photograph marks the date of construction of the Drill Hall at the bottom of Greenway Road. Built in 1869 it was used by the Cheshire Regiment in both world wars.

The former Drill Hall

10           The pond in the final picture was part of the much larger Big Pool in the days when it was part of the narrow boat transport hub and a section of the Bridgewater Canal. It is located across Heath Road from the Union Tavern.

Big Pool

Thank you all for showing interest and having a go. Sorry, but there are no prizes. Just the satisfaction of knowing that you know Runcorn like the back of my paw! Good luck. Till next time!

Me, because I am not featured !!

4 thoughts on “Runcorn Quiz 2 – The Answers

  1. Nice quiz! Small correction: St John’s was Presbyterian Church of Wales, not C of E… My dad, Peter, was Minister there for many happy years, and we’re all glad of the sympathetic conversion.

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