Runcorn Quiz 3 – How well do you know the town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. This is the third instalment of our quiz based on a walk around part of Runcorn. We are staying local due to the current pandemic. My human has taken some close-up photographs of locations in our town. See if you can identify where the locations are. We will post the answers in a few days but, meanwhile feel free to message us ar post comments on our blog site. Hope you enjoy! Thank you to Beryl Littler for correctly identifying every location in Quiz 2!

1              The first item is located on the side of a building. Can you recall where you have seen this?

2              The second place that we visited is a building with a rather ornate set of chimneys. Do you know where it is?

3              Our next item is on the roof of a building. What building is it?

4              The next one is probably quite easy to identify. The number appears where?

5              The head in the photo is of a famous person with associations to the town. Can you tell us who it is and where it is?

6              The item in the next photograph is quite easy to identify but, where is it located?

7              We could spot these windows peeping through the gap in this photo. What building is it part of?

8              The date on the side of this building tells us when it was constructed. Can you identify it?

9              This object is the only remaining one of its kind on this structure. Do you know where it is?

10           The final items are three objects that are standing next to each other. What and where are they?

We hope that you enjoyed our little quiz and managed to spot a few familiar places in our town. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for identifying the items, but it is a bit of fun while we are in lockdown.  Till next time!

Me on a night walk – not part of the quiz – just because I can!

5 thoughts on “Runcorn Quiz 3 – How well do you know the town?

  1. Is the Wilsons pub still there just up from the old swimming baths and are they still there? Could have put you off swimming for life. All the cubicles along walls and freezing cold water! I used to play drums in the Wilsons occasionally with Ian Povey on guitar and another guy playing the organ . Used to get Β£40 a session, good money then.



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  2. Wish I lived nearer as would look for them

    2 looks like town hall 3 Parish church or could be primary school 5 will be in town hall park? 7 Underneath railway arches but Parish church doesnt reach that far? 8 Transporter bridge or too early? 9 Town hall look like fountain heads but on top of wall, weird 10 look like modern lighting for plane warning on top of new bridge over ship canal ?

    Kind regards, Frank


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