Runcorn Quiz 3 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. This is the third instalment of our quiz based on a walk around part of Runcorn. We are staying local due to the current pandemic. We hope that you enjoyed taking part again. The answers to the quiz questions are below. We will post the name of the winner / winners at the beginning of our next quiz.

1              The first item is located on the side of a building. It is the large cross on the front of the Wicksten Drive Christian Centre.

2              The second place that we visited is a building with a rather ornate set of chimneys. The location is Trinity House off Halton Road. A short lane leads to the house with a pair of sandstone gateposts at the entrance.

3              Our next item is on the roof of a building. It is on the Mariner’s Hall in Irwell Street. Originally known as the Mariner’s Mission.

4              The next one is probably quite easy to identify. It is the number on the side of one of the Decks in Mersey Road. It is the group of large apartment buildings on the side of the Manchester Ship Canal.

5              The head in the photo is of a famous person with associations to the town. The head is part of a stylized sculpture of a boat with the head of Ethelflead on the bow. The item is located on Mersey Road Promenade to commemorate the forming of Runcorn by building a burgh or fort close-by.

6              The item in the next photograph is quite easy to identify as an anchor and is located on the Promenade close to Ferry Hut on Mersey Road. It commemorates the boat building industry which used to be prominent in the area.

7              We could spot these windows peeping through the gap in this photo. The building is the Spiritualist Church in Ashridge Street. It was built partly underneath one of the arches of the Railway Bridge.

8              The date on the side of this building tells us when it was constructed. The building was originally the Co-operative Society offices. Currently it is used as a pub and eatery on the corner of Ashridge Street.

9              This object is the only remaining one of its kind on this structure. It was the ornate housing marking the corner of Doctor’s Bridge, also known as Savages Bridge. Originally, there was one on each corner. Sadly, only one remains.

10           The final items are three objects that are standing next to each other. They are three modern streetlights that stand above the Bridgewater Canal and opposite the Brindley.

We hope that you enjoyed our little quiz and managed to spot a few familiar places in our town. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for identifying the items, but it is a bit of fun while we are in lockdown.  Till next time!

Me in the summer – having 5 minutes!

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