Runcorn – Quiz 4 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. My human has been dragging me around Runcorn again in the horrible weather so that he could take some photos for this quiz. So, what he will do is post ten photographs of parts of Runcorn for you to try to identify their locations. Thank you to everyone who is having a go. The last one that we posted, Quiz 3, produced five winners with 100%. So, congratulations to Gill Dutton, Beryl Littler, Stephen Droughton, Gerry Collings and Alan Forward. Sorry that there aren’t any prizes but, you obviously know our town really well.This sign is hanging on the front of a local building. Can you tell me the location of the building?

1 This old door can be seen on what building?

2 These spikes are in a position to stop climbing on a local structure. Do you know the name of the structure?

3 This hanging sign is on the outside of what building?

4 The marker on this building tells us when it was built. What building is it?

5 This litter bin is where?

6 This inscription appears on a wall outside of a building in our town. Have you any idea where?

7 Where is this famous face to be found?

8 This stone is located close to where?

9 Do you know where this ornate structure is located?

10 Where can these painted footprints be found?

That’s it for now. You can message us with your answers or, you can keep them to check against our answer post in a few days. Hope that you enjoyed having a go. Till next time!

Me with a stick – you can’t beat a good stick!

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