North Wales Quiz – Where are we?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. While the humans are restricted, we are staying in our local area for exercise. We love to hike in the hills and especially in North Wales. So, while we are reminiscing about our previous hikes, we decided to produce a short pictorial quiz about some of the places that we have hiked. Have a go, see if you recognise anywhere on our photographs. Some of them will be in Snowdonia and some will be in areas close by.

  1. Where is this rather snowy place?

2 Where can this view be seen?

3 Can you identify where this footbridge is?

4 Is this location familiar to you. If so, where am I?

5 This is a popular historic place but, where is it?

6 Where is this unusual bridge located?

7 Can you identify this popular multi-use track?

8 Where is this well to be found? It has quite a history.

9 Can you tell where this stile is positioned?

10 Where can this view be seen?

That’s all for now. We will see what the response is and if it is good, we will post some more. Hope that you enjoy having a go. You can PM me with your answers or simply wait until I post the results in a few days.


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