Runcorn – Quiz 4 – Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Quiz number 4 turned out to be a bit of a teaser. There has been a lot of interest again and we have been out and about taking more photographs for more quizzes. We hope that you are enjoying taking part. Here are the answers to our 4th quiz about our town.

1 This old door can be seen on the Power House to Old Quay Swingbridge. The bridge spans the Manchester Ship Canal and leads to Wigg Island.

2 These spikes are in a position to stop climbing on the arch of Old Quay Swingbridge.

3 This hanging sign can be found on the front of the Lockdown Pub, in Canal Street. It dates from when the building housed function rooms and was known as Canalside.

4 The marker on this building tells us that it was built in 1779. It is a Grade II Listed building and can be found at 53 Holloway.

5 This litter bin is located on the pavement outside of All Saints Primary School in Church Street. The plaque is advertising the Bass Brewery that used to be located in Whitehouse.

6 This inscription appears on a wall outside of All Saints Primary School. The section of wall with the inscription used to appear on the front wall of the original school.

7 This portrait appears on the wall mounted pub sign of the Wellington Public House in Wellington Street. It depicts a portrait of the Duke of Wellington.

8 The stone in the picture is located on the pavement and just off the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal at Top Locks. It is opposite the funeral directors and almost under the approach road to the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

9 This elaborate moulding is a street light on an entrance post to St. Paul’s Surgery. It was originally the entrance to St. Paul’s Church that once stood on this spot.

10 The unusual painted footprints lead into The Old Town Bloom Community Garden. The garden can be found in High Street between the old gas showroom and Mark Reynolds Solicitors. It is well worth a mooch around.

That’s it for now. We will post another quiz in a few days. Hope that you enjoyed having a go. Till next time!


4 thoughts on “Runcorn – Quiz 4 – Answers

  1. Hello

    I found your site by Googling ‘Bass sign on bin Runcorn’ as I have looked at the sign several times over the last few years but, for some reason, had never photographed it so I decided to do that today (Friday 03 Sep 2021). Unfortunately, the bin is there but the sign has been removed; it appears to have been done carefully as there is just a cleaner, lighter area that was under the sign and holes in each corner for the fixings.

    Sadly, the only reason that I can think for its removal would be to either add to a collection or to sell. I have not trawled the internet to see it has been offered but it may be worth any locals ‘keeping an ear out’ in case it does get mentioned anywhere.


  2. That wall in church st.was my old infantand junior school.iremember teachers.and every nook and crankyof the was acreaky old place but my school loved it.thank you for the happy memories

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