West Highland Way Quiz

Hello people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with a little quiz for everyone who is suffering withdrawal symptoms from hiking trails. I walked the West Highland Way in October 2019 with my human. He took lots of photographs on the way and we wondered if anyone would recognise the locations of some of them. We will post the answers in a few days. It is just for fun so, if you want to send us your answers, you can do it on the blog or PM us. Hope you enjoy!

  1. We walked alongside this loch. Can you identify it?

2 This tiny settlement provides a bit of relief. Can you identify it?

3 Can you identify the campsite where Joe was guarding the tent?

4 Can you name this loch?

5 This beautiful beach can be seen where?

6 Goodbye to a friend that we have been with for almost 2 days. Where were we?

7 A great homemade curry was the reward for the days hike. What is the name of this place?

8 This stone marks a spot near a small lochan. Where is this?

9 Eating our lunch at a famous spot we saw someone capsizing their Kayak. Where were we?

10 A popular wildcamping spot. Can you identify it?

11 A view from a bridge. Do you know where we were?

12 A very rainy and windy place. Where is it?

13 The burn regularly sweeps across the trail at this place. Where is it?

14 Can you recognise this cloudy view?

15 An easy one to finish with. You know where this is!


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