Great Glen Way Quiz – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. How did you get on? Let us know your thoughts.

1 This is the official starting point in Fort William

2 The Corpach Wreck can be seen on the shore of Loch Linnhe in the village of Caol. The MV Dayspring has been on this spot since 2011 when it was beached in a storm

3 Neptune’s Staircase is a flight of eight locks on the Caledonian canal in Banavie

4 This is a weir just along the Caledonian Canal from Moy Swingbridge where the canal overflows into the River Lochy

5 This sign is located on the roadsign before Clunes

6 We were next to Kilfinnan Farm overlooking Laggan Locks on Loch Lochy

7 Our wild camp was at Laggan Locks at the head of Loch Lochy

8 This old railway cutting is on the disused railway that runs alongside Loch Oich

9 We woke up to this unexpected covering of snow at Highland Resort Campsite in Fort Augustus

10 The Telford Bridge over the Falls of Moriston in Invermoriston. We stayed a few yards from here in the Bridge Suite, self catering accommodation in this lovely little village.

11 The ‘Troll Bridge’ is on the High Route after leaving Invermoriston

12 This view over Loch Ness can be seen from a viewpoint not far from the Troll Bridge

13 The Viewcatcher is an iconic point on the High Route between Invermoriston and Drumnadrochit

14 Further along the High Route toward Drumnadrochit, overlooking Loch Ness

15 The Abriachan Eco Cafe and Campsite is in the Abriachan Forest and serves amazing food especially the Lemon Drizzle Cake!

16 Drumnadrochit is the venue for The Loch Ness Exhibition Centre

17 The first view of Inverness

18 A footbridge to Inverness Islands over the River Ness

19 The official end in Inverness

20 The last photo. Inverness Castle at the end of the trail

We hope that you enjoyed the small distraction. Thank you for playing along and especially to the people who contacted us with their answers. Its a lovely route with so much beautiful scenery. If you have already completed it you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, try it, its amazing! Till next time!

I did it!

4 thoughts on “Great Glen Way Quiz – The answers

  1. Due to Covid, Frank from The Irregulars LDWA was going to lead West Highland Way, Speyside Way and Great Glen Way. It never happened last year and it didn’t come off this year. You could either do one, two or three trails. I’ve done West Highland Way and part of the Great Glen Way, so am hoping Frank will resume them in 2022. Someone else in The Irregulars was leading The Two Moors Way (Exmoor & Dartmoor) in April but have learned today that it has been cancelled. Hope this one as well gets re-done. I will have finished my chemo by then, so am hoping to get back to fitness again. This pandemic has drove me round the twist. Take care of Joe, I love cocker spaniels, in fact any dog for that matter. I don’t have one at the moment, just one cat left. Jean

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    1. I am organising a knee operation at the moment so I will be out of action for a while. Hopefully if Covid goes away and I recover we will be looking to do a trail in October. Can’t decide which one as yet. Hope you get back to full fitness soon 🐾🐾👍


  2. 1)  Post at the start of the Great Glen Way, Fortwilliam 2)  Corpach shipwreck on Loch Linnhe 3)  Neptune’s Staircase with its eight lochs on the Caledonian Canal (FW to Spean Bridge) 4)  Canal overflow into the River Lochy 5)  Between Gairlochy and Laggan Locks. 6)  Track close to Kilfinnan Farm 7)  Laggan Locks. 8)  Railway cuttings and tunnel (LL to Fort Augustus) 9)  Don’t know 10) Don’t know 11) Troll Bridge 12) Looking over towards Loch Ness 13) Icon Viewcatcher 14) Looking back at Loch Ness  15) Abriachan eco cafe 16) Drumnadrochit Loch Ness Hotel 17) View of Inverness (the end is in sight) 18) The Bridge to Ness Islands 19) Post indicating the end of the Great Glen Way, Inverness 20)  Inverness Castle ** When I was a kid my mum took in a stray cat.  It was wild to start with.  She used to go mad as it climbed up everywhere it could.  She used to say it was like a bl**dy lochness monster.  In a few weeks it settled down but it answered to the name of Lochness which me and my brother wanted to name it.  When she wanted to bring it in for the night I used to go in the back yard shouting “Lochness” and it would come.  At first the neighbours in the terraced street wondered what was going on. **   Good memories Jean Bobker 

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    1. Wow, Jean. 18 correct. I thought that the snowy one might be difficult but as you obviously know the photos are in chronological order. So maybe someone might guess. The next one is in a lovely little village. I will post the answers in a few days. Thanks for having a go. I loved that trip and can’t wait to get back to Scotland soon. Great name for a cat, by the way! Keep safe and well 🐾 🐾👍


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