Runcorn Quiz 5 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Thanks to the popularity of our little Runcorn quizzes we have decided to continue with them for now. Here are the answers to Quiz 5. Hope that you enjoyed it.

1 This inscription appears on the ground in front of the ‘Todger’ Jones memorial in the gardens opposite the Cenotaph.

2 This item is part of the inscriptions on the Cenotaph

3 This weather vane is on the roof of The Elms, opposite the Cenotaph

4 This date of construction plaque is on a wall of a building at the top of Westfield Road.

5 This inscription is on the front of one of the Almshouses in Holloway

6 This cobbled area is at the back of the houses on Holloway leading past Simonsfield Residential Care Home

7 This flight of stone steps lead to the John Weaver garden from the cobbles onto Holloway

8 The gargoyle water spout in the photograph is on a corner of St. Michael’s and All Saints church in Greenway Road

9 This photo shows a recently cleared footpath that runs parallel to the Bridgewater Canal leading from the Railway Station to Savage’s Bridge. Cleared voluntarily by Glen and Alan Forward

10 The final photograph shows one word that is part of a sentence and appears on the Carnegie Library, old town library on Egerton Street

We hope that you enjoyed having a go and finding out how well you know the town. Till next time!


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