Runcorn Quiz 6 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Our first five quizzes about Runcorn have been very popular so, we have decided to carry on until you tell us that you have had enough. Quiz number 5 was a tough one according to the feedback. Even so, a lot of people joined in. Amazingly, there were three people who identified every photograph correctly. They were Glen Forward, Beryl Littler and Pat Keogh. Well done you three and well done everyone who had a go!

We did not follow a walk this time and the photographs are of places dotted around the town. See how you do this week. As usual, the quiz is just for fun and you can message us with your answers or send them from the blog site. You could also, simply jot them down and check against the answers that we will post in a few days time. Good luck!

1 This fingerpost can be found where in our town?

2 Where can this shiny wall-mounted light be seen?

3 The building below is one of a few of its kind in the town. Where can this one be seen?

4 The window shutter below can be found on what building?

5 This item of children’s playground furniture is where?

6 This is part of what Runcorn building?

7 Where can this ‘wall’ be seen?

8 This item sits on the roof of what building?

9 Another part of a building but, what building is it?

10 This item is located where?

Ok everyone, that’s our sixth Runcorn quiz. Hope you enjoy attempting to identify where we were when we took the photographs. For an extra point this week, can you identify this handsome brute? Till next time!


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