Peak District quiz – Where are we?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. While we are in lockdown and can’t visit the beautiful Peak District, we thought that we would do a little quiz, just for fun, to relieve the boredom. So, if you want to play along, see if you can identify the locations in our photographs. We will post the answers in a few days so, you can wait until then to see how you did or you can message me with your answers. We hope that you enjoy!

1 What is the name of this village taken from a popular walk?

2 Where can this building be seen?

3 Can you identify this hill?

4 Do you know this place?

5 This is one of our favourite places. Where is it?

6 Do you know the location of these ruins?

7 Where are we sitting having our lunch?

8 Where are we at this viewpoint?

9 A lovely spot but, where is it?

10 Where were we headed to?

11 Can you identify this bridge’s location?

12 Another popular location. Where is it?

13 A beautiful day in the Peak District. Where is it?

14 Where were me and the human standing?

15 The final photograph is of what famous sight?

That’s all for now. If the response is as good as the North Wales, Great Glen Way, West Highland Way and our local quizzes then we will produce another Peak District quiz. Till next time!


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