Runcorn Quiz 7 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. You seem to be enjoying our pictorial quizzes about our town. The number of people viewing the posts has amazed us and the feedback has been a joy to read. So, thank you from Joe the Cocker and his Cameraman and Personal Assistant. Quiz 7, hopefully, tested some of you eagle-eyed readers out there. We have used photographs that my human has taken over the past few months, but we have stayed within Runcorn. As usual, the quiz is just for fun and here are the answers. We hope that you scored well.

1 This flight of steps lead from the eastern side of Halton Castle down to the Underway.

2 This short stretch of road leading to nowhere is the remains of Heath Road Crescent. It is at the rear of the Health Centre on Langdale Road. The road used to lead from here, through the prefabs, and back onto Heath Road opposite the Town Hall.

3 The building below is obviously not in use anymore but, it used to bee the Tricorn Public House on Palacefields. It was originally known as Hallwood , a mansion house and is Grade II Listed. Sadly, being left to fall apart!

4 This was the entrance to Beaconsfield, a large house owned by Thomas Hazlehurst. It was located on Weston Road overlooking the Mersey Estuary. The house as originally called Prospect Villa and has long since been demolished. The gateway leads to a small woodland which used to be part of the landscaped gardens.

5 This photograph is of the remains of Norton Priory. The large priory by the Bridgewater Canal that attracts visitors worldwide

6 A rocky outcrop in Stenhills on the site of an old sandstone quarry

7 These posts have been relocated to Manor Park from their original position at the gates to Norton Priory on Warrington Road, just before the Evenwood pub.The area is known as Norton Chains. The posts used to be threaded with chains, hence the name, and the holes in the posts can still be seen.

8 This brine reservoir can be seen over the fence opposite Heath Park playing fields on Clifton Road. Brine is pumped to it from Northwich and then out to Ineos in Weston Point as part of their chemical manufacturing process.

9 Where sculpture is sited on the footpath which was the route of the locks from Top Locks to the Ship canal. It depicts stories and the history of the area. It is in the shape of a canalside bollard.

10 This body of water is the outfall lake from the Bridgewater Canal next to Phoenix Park on Castlefields. It is known locally as the ‘Rezzy’. It is a popular angling spot and inhabited by swans, ducks and other waterfowl.

Ok everyone, that’s our seventh Runcorn quiz. Hope you enjoy attempting to identify where we were when we took the photographs. No extra points for identifying who is below! Till next time!


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