Runcorn Quiz 8 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. The quizzes still seem to be popular during the lockdown, while we are all limited in what we can do. We have concentrated on a walk around the older parts of the town this week. The winner of Quiz 7 was the eagle-eyed Beryl Littler, with a full house. Congratulations. As usual, the quiz is just for fun and you can keep a note of your answers until we post them in a few days. You can also private message me with your attempts. It’s up to you. So, here we go!

1Β  This mosaic door entrance can be seen where?

2 This building was obviously built in 1888 but, where can it be found?

3 This lamppost was manufactured in Timmins Foundary. Where is it located?

4 Is this building familiar to you? If so, where is it?

5 This shutter is on the front of what building?

6 Where can this object be found?

7 This building is located where?

8 The gatepost in the photo was the entrance to where?

9 This section of a piece of sculpture can be found where?

10 This is part of a sign on the wall of local building. Which building?

That’s the end of this little quiz. We hope that you enjoy racking your brain to identify the whereabouts of the items in the photographs. Till next time!

A photo of me – because I can!

4 thoughts on “Runcorn Quiz 8 – Do you know our town?

  1. Answers to quiz 8
    1. Burtons old shop Church street
    2. Spiritualist church Ashridge Street
    3. Mersey road next to the steps to Clarence terrace
    4. Sub station next all saints church
    5. Runcorn library
    6. All saints church
    7. Waterloo centre Waterloo road
    8 Old quay yard Mersey road
    9. Corner of church street
    10.The Wilsons bridge street

    Thank you so much for all the posts to help during this lockdown.


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    1. 100% except the substation is the old hearse house. Correct location though. Glad that you are enjoying. That was my intention to try to do my bit during these dark times. I will give you a mention at the start of the next quiz. I only have your forename at the moment. Thank you πŸΎπŸΎπŸ‘


      1. My name is Pat Keogh I always take part think it is great what you are doing. I did know it was called the old hearse house but later known as a sub station. Regards.

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