Runcorn Quiz 9 – The Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. The quizzes still seem to be popular during the lockdown, while we are all limited in what we can do. There were five people who managed to identify 100% of the photo locations of Quiz Number 8.The people who scored 10/10 were Marylyn Filkins, Pat Keogh, Berryl Littler, Glen Forward and Stephen Droughton. Congratulations. As usual, the quiz is just for fun and you can keep a note of your answers until we post them in a few days. You can also private message me with your attempts. It’s up to you. The photos don’t follow a walk again and are dotted around the town. So, here we go!

1 The door is the front door to Bridgewater House on Old Coach Road. It was built for the Duke of Bridgewater to oversee the building of the canal.

2 This is the original route of the flights of locks that went from Waterloo Bridge, on the Bridgewater Canal to Bottom Locks, on the Manchester Ship Canal. A campaign is underway to reinstate the flight of locks by Unlock Runcorn.

3 The building backing on to the Bridgewater Canal by Delph Bridge, was Timmins Foundary.

4 This footpath is in Beaconsfield Wood off Westfield Road. The land was once the site of Beaconsfield House.

5 This stone can be seen on the left side wall just past the Prospect pub on Weston Road, heading to Weston village. It is the foundation stone of Weston Catholic School.

6 This cobbled bridge spans the Bridgewater Canal at Astmoor Bridge Lane. So, Astmoor Bridge is the answer.

7 This building is the Old Lodge in Greenway Road by the cemetery main entrance.

8 The photograph was a close up of the hanging pub sign of the ‘Dev’, the Devonshire. An application has been forwarded by a Manchester developer to convert the pub into seven flats. Sadly, it could be another of Runcorn’s landmarks disappearing.

9 This is a section of the Runcorn ‘Conny’ Club in Balfour Street. You can just see part of the building in the quiz photo on the left. Apologies for the poor shot, I lost my original!

10 This post is one of two in the grounds of Halton Lodge Primary School and were saved from the demolition of the Lodge and relocated.

That’s the end of this little quiz. We hope that you enjoy racking your brain to identify the whereabouts of the items in the photographs. Till next time!

No points again for identifying the handsome brute in the next photo.

A photo of me – because I can!

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