Runcorn Quiz 10 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. You seem to be enjoying our pictorial quizzes about our town. The number of people viewing the posts has amazed us and the feedback has been a joy to read. So, thank you from Joe the Cocker and his Cameraman and Personal Assistant. Only two seems to have identified every item in Quiz 9 and they were David Hough and Norma Rugby. Well done to both and thank you for the support.

Quiz 10 will, hopefully, test some of you eagle-eyed readers out there. We have used photographs that my human has taken over the past few months, but we have stayed within Runcorn. It is a mixed bag this week with some easy ones and some stinkers! As usual, the quiz is just for fun and you can message us with your answers or send them from the blog site. You could also, simply jot them down and check against the answers that we will post in a few days time. Good luck!

1     Can you identify this terrace of houses with a plaque on the wall?

2     Can you tell me where this ornate gate is?

3    Where is this Blue Plaque located? One of 30 around the town.

4    We have all probably seen this but, where is it located?

5  Where is yours truly when this photo was taken?

6     A rock formation. Where can it be seen?

7     Where were we when my human took this photo?

8     This building has not always been as it is now. What was it?

9     Where were these icicles dangling from on this chilly morning?

10 Where can this be seen?

Ok everyone, that’s our seventh Runcorn quiz. Hope you enjoy attempting to identify where we were when we took the photographs. No extra points for identifying who is below! Till next time!


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