Runcorn Quiz 10 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Below are the answers to our tenth pictorial quiz about Runcorn. Me and my human are enjoying setting these quiz questions and it appears that a lot of you people out there are enjoying trying to identify the places that my human has photographed. Quiz 10 has proved to be a mixture of easily identified places combined with a couple of stinkers. Anyway, here are the answers.

1     The date marker on the wall is on a row of houses known as Vahler Terrace. It can be seen near to Wicksten Drive Christian Centre as you head towards Halton Road.

2    This ornate gate can be seen at the entrance to Small Acres Caravan Park at the top of Windmill Street and opposite the RSPCA centre.

3    This Blue Plaque can be seen on one of the feet of the Ethelfleda Railway Bridge. It commemorates the place where Castlerock Shipyard existed.

4    The plaque of Britannia can be seen halfway across the Ethelfleda Railway Bridge, formerly known as the Britannia Bridge, from the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

5  This photograph was taken at the Heath Park with the bandstand on the right. The area is the filled in Highlands Road Quarry and the quarry wall can be seen in the background.

6     This rock formation is on Runcorn Hills and is known as Frog’s Mouth or Frog’s Gob.

7     These are the refurbished prefabs on Highlands Road by Runcorn Hills.

8     This used to be the South Bank pub

9     A very cold Ethelfleda Railway Bridge on Mersey Road.

10 Bank Chambers in High Street.

Ok everyone, that’s our tenth Runcorn quiz. Hope you enjoy attempting to identify where we were when we took the photographs. No extra points for identifying who is below! Till next time!


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