Widnes Quiz – The Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with my human hiking partner. We posted a pictorial quiz about Widnes landmarks, a few days ago. We have had a great response and lots of people have joined in. Some found it easier than others and up to now we have only had two people identifying all ten correctly. We will give them a mention when we post our next quiz. We have decided to post another one shortly. Thank you for everyone who has had a go and to those who have posted kind comments. Here are the answers:

1 This historical building can be found on the slipway for the old Transporter Bridge. It is a Grade II Listed Building and was the powerhouse for the Transporter.

2 The building in the photo is the red brick structure on the left of the shot. It was the Transporter Bridge offices at the corner of Mersey Street opposite the Snig.

3 The emblem is the West Bank Boat Club and is next to the door on the building and cafe on the St. Helens Canal bank opposite Spike Island. The building can just be seen on the left, behind the trees.

4 The two millstones are sat on the grass at the front of the Catalyst Museum. They came from Evans Pharmaceutical in Liverpool.

5 The cut outs on the photograph are part of the viewpoint across the River Mersey at Widnes Warth by Moss Bank.

6 This piece of outdoor sculpture can be found in Victoria Park near to the start of the Woodland Walk.

7 The spiked crown in the photo can be found on the roof of the bandstand in Victoria Park.

8 The item in the photo is the outdoor pulpit on the roadside at the front of St. Mary’s Church on St. Mary’s Road. The vicar used to preach to passers-by to entice them into the church from this point.

9 The statue of Dr. Creighton Hutchinson, who served the town for over 40 years, and an be found in Victoria Garden Park on St. Mary’s Road by the Mersey.

Widnes 270617 - DSC_0784

10 The wreck of the Eustace Carey, a Mersey Flat, can be seen off Spike island in the mudflats.

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s first pictorial Widnes Quiz. It seems to have been popular so, we will post another one shortly. We hope that you enjoyed it. Till next time!

Hi folks. Only me!

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