Runcorn Quiz 11 – The Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Below are the answers to our recent quiz. We had a great response again to Quiz 10. The following people correctly identified all ten photographs correctly: Gill Dutton, Sandra Whitlow, Brenda Anita Hayes, Pauline Sant and Margaret Thompson. Well done to all of you and thank you to everyone who had a go!

1 These stained glass windows can be seen on the front of St. John the Evangelist Church in Weston village.

2 The plaque is on the front of a terrace of houses at the southern end of Heath Road South.

3 The clock is on the tower of All Saints Church in Daresbury

4 This window in the photo is the front of Daresbury Village Hall.

5 These buildings, at Canal Side, can bee seen across the Bridgewater Canal from Moore Road in Moore Village.

6 This building is the Milner Institute on Runcorn Road in Moore Village.

7 This building is called Top Lodge, or The Monkey Lodge, in Aston Village. It is a Grade II Listed Building

8 The church in the photo is St. Peter’s in Aston village. The Grade I Listed Building has been renovated and rebuilt several times since the first church here was constructed in 1236.

9 This Grade II Listed Building is called Brook House. Built in the late 18th century off Chester Road in Preston Brook on the road to the Bridgewater Canal.

10 This converted building canal warehouse was built in 1772 in Preston Brook. It is Grade II Listed and is currently a residential property. It is known as The Old Number One but has previously been called the Neptune Club or ‘The Neppy’.

That’s the end of our quiz. We hope that you enjoy tracking down the photos. Till next time!


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