Hills and Mountains Quiz – Where was Joe the Cocker?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. While you humans are still under pandemic restrictions we thought that we would do a little pictorial quiz. Its just for fun to remind you of what we are missing. Below are ten photographs taken by my human of me on our days in the hills and mountains. See if you can identify where we were.

1 This is a famous hill in Scotland. Where can it be found?

2 We were in Wales this time. Not on the tops but, in a beautiful place. Where is it?

3 This is a trig point on a popular mountain. Where can it be found?

4 A chilly day almost at the summit of what mountain?

5 Another chilly day on the summit of a very popular hill. Can you identify it?

6 This hilltop can be seen from a popular area. Where were we?

7 Not many clues on this photo but, its a very popular hilltop. Where was I sniffing?

8 Only one obvious clue on this one. Where is it?

9 We weren’t on the top of the mountains but, this is a famous view. Where were we?

10 Possibly the hardest one to identify but where were we on this misty day?

How did you do? You can enter your answers in the comments section on our blog site. You can also message us on messenger. Or, you can simply note down your answers and see how you did in a few days when we post them. Enjoy!


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