Runcorn Quiz 13 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. We went for a local walk and came up with the idea (well, my human did) that we should do a pub crawl. Unfortunately, as you humans are in lockdown, all the pubs are closed. So, instead of a pint in each (as if he could drink that much) he took a photograph of the pub name. From that photo he has selected one letter to see if you can identify the pub. As usual, its just for fun. So, if you want to play along you can enter your answers on our blog site comments box or by private message on facebook. You could also, simply save your answers to check when we post them in a few days. Enjoy, people!

1 The letter appears on the name board for which Runcorn pub?

2 This letter is part of the name of which pub?

3 Another letter from the name display of a local boozer. Which pub is it?

4 I think that you might have the idea by now. What pub?

5 Next one. Which public house?

6 Another one of Runcorn’s pubs but, which one?

7 Can you identify this pub?

8 Guess what? Another of our pubs. Which one is it?

9 Runcorn pub number 9. What is its name?

10 The last one. Can you name it?

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s very dry pub crawl. Hope you managed to identify the pubs in the photos. Oh yes, and a photo of me just because I can! Till next time!


5 thoughts on “Runcorn Quiz 13 – Do you know our town?

  1. Great idea. Where I live we only have the one pub now the second to last has recently been demolished to make way for houses. There use to be 4 or 5but now just the one.

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  2. Such a clever idea! (Joe’s I assume 🤣). And I’m still stumped. A couple of wild guesses are all I have! Thanks for another good one!

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