Widnes Quiz 3 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with my human. Widnes Quiz 3 went down really well again. There wasn’t anyone who got all 10 this time. Here are the answers. We hope that you enjoyed having a go!

1 The plaque can be seen on the wall of Simms Cross Institute on Hibert Street.

2 This pattern of bricks can be found on the pedestrianised area of Albert Road, outside of The Derby.

3 The carving is of St. Bede above the front door of St. Bede’s Church

4 The cobbled path can be found in Appleton Village by St. Bede’s School.

5 The image is a close up of the hanging pub sign for the Simms Cross pub.

6 This tunnel is under the old Transporter landing stage on West Bank.

7 The section of building in the photo is of the front of Simms Cross Primary School on Kingsway.

8 The word in the photograph is from the entrance to The Pat Price Stand on the DCBL Stadium.

9 The photo showed the corner of the Cricketer’s Arms building on Milton Street.

10 The photo showed part of the front of the Widnes Viking DCBL Stadium

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s third pictorial Widnes Quiz. Hope that you didn’t find it too hard. There are no points again for identifying me below, having a few zzzzzz’s Till next time!


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