Joe the Cocker’s Tips! – what he wears!

Wet weather fleece!

Joe wears an Equafleece in wet weather. It is guaranteed waterproof, breathable, warm and washable. They come in many sizes, shapes and colours. There are no straps, zips or velcro and slip on and off easily over Joe’s head. The underneath is covered except for the bodily function zones! We have left the legs at the standard length but, they can be trimmed without the fleece fraying as Polartec does not fray. We have tried a few different waterproofs and found that Equafleece is the most waterproof, flexible, non-chafing item that Joe has worn.

Night time Hi-Viz!

When it is dark or when we know that we will be out after dusk, Joe wears his Hi-Viz jacket. It is Hi-Viz yellow with reflective silver strips. It fits by placing it on his back then wrapping the velcro strap across his chest to the velcro on one side. The other reflective strap wraps under his belly and sticks back on itself. There are two elasticated bands that wrap around his thighs to keep it snug. We are assessing these for chafing but, they seem ok after a full winter. You can definitely see his coming. We bought this from Pets at Home.

Night time LED collar!

Joe wears a different collar for night walks. I want him to be visible. He has a luminous illuminated led collar. It has three functions, off, flashing or permanently lit. Joe has had a USB version but, currently he is rocking a battery version. They come in different colours but, Joe’s is a green/yellow colour. We bought this from Pets at Home.

Night time lights!

If Joe is wearing his harness, which he doesn’t very often nowadays as he has grown out of pulling on the lead, he wears a couple of small round led lights. These hook onto the loops on his harness. They too can be in flashing mode or continually lit. His are red but, many colours are available. We bought them for a few pounds off Ebay.

Dog Boots – yes, dog boots!

Joe has two pairs of dog boots. I bought them for just in case he gets a cut or sore paws on the trail. He never has and I check his paws a few times per day when we do long distances. I also treat them at night. He has worn them once for a full day and he was fine. Ruffwear Grip Trex were our choice. Joe’s paws are all the same size but they are available in pairs for different front and rear.

Joe’s lead and bags!

Joe has a couple of short leads but, the one we use is an 8 metre extending one. We know that extending leads are not liked by a lot of dog owners. Joe stays close to me on a short lead around livestock or in dangerous conditions. He doesn’t pull on his lead so, by extending it when conditions are safe he is under control with a bit of freedom. It is tough and reliable, easily retracting and extending. We bought this from Pets at Home. Attached to it is a rigid plastic poo bag roll holder. Also from Pets at Home. His poo bags are biodegradable and we usually buy these from Amazon.

Joe’s collar!

His day to day collar is the EzyDog Neo Classic. It is soft and dries quickly made from neoprene and nylon. A stainless steel D- ring won’t rust. It has a quick release click buckle for easy on and off. A couple of reflective rings of piping aid visibility and a built in clip for his ID tag. This was purchased in Go Outdoors.

Joe’s harness!

After a few failures at buying a suitable harness we settled on the Hurrta Outdoors Trail Harness. It is snug fitting with three adjustable straps and a padded chest plate. It has two attachment points for a lead. The handle is fantastic for lifting Joe over stiles and lowering him down tricky rock faces. It has reflectors for low light situations. We don’t use the harness unless we are going into the mountains or on a multi-day trip. Washing and drying is easy and fast. We bought this from Amazon as prices vary considerably.

Christmas Jumper!

Joe loves his Christmas jumper, not! To be honest, he is ok with it. He has worn it as pyjamas when we were camping on two occasions.

We will update this post when we buy any new kit. Please click on MENU and choose JOE’S TIPS. Other tips such as ‘What we take on multi-day hikes’, ‘Joe’s Food and Treats’, ‘Joe’s Toys and Puzzles’ and ‘Joe’s other stuff’.


2 thoughts on “Joe the Cocker’s Tips! – what he wears!

  1. All this equipment is good to know about. Dill has 2 outdoor coats for cold weather, and a drying fleece, but the Equifleece may just be an addition to his wardrobe. I think he definitely needs an everyday collar like Joe’s, as he’s always getting his collar soaked when he finds somewhere to swim, which he does most days!

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