Joe the Cocker’s Tips! – Home hygiene


Joe loves a shower so, he has a good soaking followed by one or two shampoo treatments. After another good rinse he has his conditioner applied. After a good rub in he is rinsed off thoroughly. Then he shakes himself all over the bathroom. He gets a good rub down with his towel and then wrapped in his drying robe.

Drying robe!

Joe looks like a tiny racehorse when he is wrapped in his toweling drying robe. So, while I am cleaning and tidying up the devastation in the bathroom, Joe runs downstairs and dives onto his drying mat.

Drying mat!

Joe waits for me on his drying mat until I return. The Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat is extremely absorbent. It is machine washable also. He then curls up into a ball while I try to dry him with a hairdryer.

Brushing and combing!

This is another part of the process that Joe isn’t happy about. Unfortunately, for him it is a process that he has to go through. I try to keep his coat groomed fairly short on a regular basis because of his love of the outdoors in all weathers. The stainless steel comb and the wooden handled brush are both from Amazon.


If Joe’s fur is knotted or matted, I use detangler on it so that the problem doesn’t develop further. Brushing and combing after this application is usually enough to rid him of knots

We will update this post when we buy any new kit. Please click on MENU and choose JOE’S TIPS. Other tips such as ‘What he wears’, ‘Joe’s Food and Treats’, ‘Joe’s Toys and Puzzles’, ‘Joe’s First Aid and Grooming’, ‘What Joe takes backpacking’ and ‘Joe’s other stuff’.


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