Joe the Cocker’s Tips! – Joe’s toys and puzzles


Joe likes his treat based toys and puzzles the best. Obviously, he is a greedy pooch. This Nina Ottosson puzzle doesn’t keep him as amused as when he first got it. It took a while but he can find all the hidden treats in a few minutes. Treats are hidden in trays, under spirals and under a sliding panel.

Another treat puzzle!

This puzzle has the lengthy name of The Trixie Dog Activity Turn Around Strategy Game. The treats are placed in the tube and Joe spins or tips them so that they fall out. It is amusing watching him using his paws to spin the tubes. The tubes have replaceable tops with different size holes in to vary the difficulty. This has long been one of Joe’s favourites. Bought from Amazon.

Spinning treat toy!

Treats are placed into the top hole of the toy and are released through the hole on the rim after the toy is spun by Joe. He enjoys this but he now finds it quite easy. It is another Nina Ottosson toy and is tough and robust.

Treat Ball!

Treats are placed inside the ball and the exit is left open at different settings giving a range of sized holes. As Joe rolls the ball, the treats fall out. It is a Good Boy Armitage Training Treat Ball. Joe loves to roll this ball around with his nose or ‘drag back Ronaldo style’. Also bought from Amazon.

The Kong Extreme Dog Toy!

Filled with pate, cream cheese or treats Joe it entertained for some time while he scoops the contents out with his tongue. Even though it’s allegedly one of the toughest of dog toys, Joe will, if left unsupervised, chew off tiny pieces, so beware.

Knobbly ball!

Joe loves to chase this ball around the house. He hasn’t attempted to destroy it. The lights fascinate him and he lies on the floor and pushes it away from him with his paw. It is soft and he loves to chase it and return it. They are about £5 on Ebay.

Another Ball!

Joe loves to chase his Grubber Football around the house and garden. It is tough rubber and even though he has attempted to chew it, it has stood the test of time. It is a pull toy as well as a ball. Available on Amazon for around £12.

Joe’s ring toy!

His Nerf spiked ring toy is another of Joe’s favourites. It is tough and he loves to chase it and to use it as a puller. It cost around £9 from Ebay.

Ball launcher!

Joe absolutely loves to go to a park or field where he can chase a ball. He loves to sprint after his ball and the ball launcher is a fantastic invention, making life easier for me! Cheap launchers can be picked up at most ‘cut price’ retailers or pet shops.

Outdoor balls!

We use these tough balls to play with outdoors. Joe has chewed tennis balls when we have used them for outdoor play so, we prefer the Chickit! tougher balls. We bought ours from Pets at Home.

Rag Toy!

Joe has a cheap rag toy as a treat every now and then. I know that he will rip it to shreds in no time flat but, he loves to do it. He is supervised so that he doesn’t swallow any. It is probably Joe’s favourite pastime, destroying rag toys!

Kettlebell toy!

A Smart Choice kettlebell toy is a great outdoor choice for Joe. It’s easy to throw and easy for Joe to retrieve. It is tough and easily cleaned. Available on Ebay for around £6.

Plastic bottles!

These are Joe’s favourite toys! He loves to chew, shake, throw and generally make an awful noise with an empty water bottle. He tries to pick them up when they have been discarded on the local football fields. He has one now and again when he is being supervised.


Joe’s all-time favourite ‘toy’ is a stick! The bigger the better. His nickname is The Branch Manager. He tries to bring them home and carries them for crazy distances. He has got cheap tastes!

We will update this post when we buy any new kit. Please click on MENU and choose JOE’S TIPS. Other tips such as ‘What he wears’, ‘Joe’s Food and Treats’, ‘Joe’s Toys and Puzzles’, ‘Joe’s First Aid and Grooming’, ‘What Joe takes backpacking’ and ‘Joe’s other stuff’.


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