Joe the Cocker’s Tips! Food and Treats

Daily Food!

Joe eats Lifestage Grain Free Salmon and Trout. It is a dry food cooked with no wheat, pork or dairy products. No added colours or flavourings. It contains Omega 3. The ingredients are Salmon & Trout 50%, Sweet Potato 24%, Peas 9% and small amounts of potato, beet pulp, Linseed, Omega 3 Supplement, Minerals, Vitamins, Veegetable stock and Asparagus. Joe loves it with a drink of cold water. He seems to thrive on it and his coat is in great condition. It is available in different size packs from Jollyes Pet Shop.


Joe enjoys a Dentastix every morning. His teeth are white and in good condition. Available in pet shops and B & M.

He loves to chew and his favourite item is a Yakers Dog Chew. They are made from a blend of Yak and Cow milk with a small amount of salt and lime juice. It is compressed into blocks and smoke dried. Rich in protein and calcium. They last Joe for ages. Online is the cheapest way to buy them.

Joe absolutely loves his Markies Mini’s. The larger ones don’t seem to interest him. Fussy! Markies are made from meat in a biscuit coating. He should only eat three per day but, some days he may overindulge!

Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats hit the spot with Joe. They are small pieces of Ox Liver slowly dried. For every pack sold an equivalent amount is given to a dog rescue centre!

Extra treats!

Sliced cooked chicken is a favourite of Joe’s. When we are hiking I always grab a tray from a supermarket. He loves to snack on it when we have a break and it is a good source of protein for him.

Joe’s bowls!

Joe has two identical ‘Spaniel’ bowls. One for food and the other for drinking water. They are alluminium coated bowls with tall sides and a small diameter. This is supposed to make a spanners ears stay on the outside and not get wet or covered in food. Well, sometimes it works but, Joe manages to mostly get the ends of his ears soaked.

We will update this post when we buy any new kit. Please click on MENU and choose JOE’S TIPS. Other tips such as ‘What he wears’, ‘Joe’s Food and Treats’, ‘Joe’s Toys and Puzzles’ and ‘Joe’s other stuff’.


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