Joe the Cocker’s Tips! – In the car

Joe’s seat cover!

Joe likes to travel in luxury. He has a quilted seat cover so that he can spread out on the back seat of the car. It is waterproof and easily wiped down. He is strapped in with restraints but, he still has some freedom to shuffle around. He likes to sit up and look out of the window when he isn’t snoring! Not only does he have the seat cover he also has a bed. Its ok for him while he is chauffered around in comfort.

Joe’s car bed!

His Lordship loves to curl up in his Easipet waterproof bed when he is travelling. This too is easily wiped down. We bought this from B & M.


Joe’s Mud Daddy is always in the car boot. We use it to clean his belly, legs and tail after he has been in the mud. He can have a good clean down before he jumps into the car. We bought this from QVC.

Joe’s bowl!

Joe has another ‘Spaniel’ bowl for in the car. We use it to give him a drink of water after a day in the hills. This is supposed to make a spanners ears stay on the outside and not get wet or covered in food. Well, sometimes it works but, Joe manages to mostly get the ends of his ears soaked.

We will update this post when we buy any new kit. Please click on MENU and choose JOE’S TIPS. Other tips such as ‘What he wears’, ‘Joe’s Food and Treats’, ‘Joe’s Toys and Puzzles’ and ‘Joe’s other stuff’.


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