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Hello people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here again. If you read our blogs, you will know that me and my human, walk around the borough of Halton quite frequently. We both love our towns and villages within the Halton boundary. We write blogs about the area and have recently been producing pictorial quizzes. All of these have been incredibly popular with many people regularly reading and sending very supportive comments. We have noticed, as you all probably have, that there is a lot of litter and fly-tipping throughout the area. We know from your feedback that the readers of our blog that you are proud of the towns of Widnes and Runcorn and surrounding villages. We know that it isn’t you who are littering and fly-tipping but, unfortunately some people simply don’t care about our towns and have no pride in their surroundings. We were going to take lots of photographs of the worst areas but, we have all seen those so, we decided to walk around the Widnes and Runcorn, highlighting the best of the towns.

The photograph above is of the footpath through the park by Percival Lane in Runcorn. It is litter free and a pleasure to walk along. The aim of this blog is not to preach because, we know that our readers care about our surroundings and are responsible people. We hope that through this piece we can let people know that there is a lot of us that would like to see some changes. There are people in the region who would like to get involved in clean ups and to communicate with others of a like mind. Mostly, there are people who are frustrated but don’t know how to complain or who to complain to when they witness fly-tipping or rubbish building up.

Another place to be proud of is featured in the photograph above, the grounds of St. Bede’s, Appleton Village. When we walked around the grounds we did not see any litter at all. It makes the experience more pleasurable and shows how proud local people of their surroundings. It is such a shame that certain areas seem to attract rubbish throwers.

My human has recently joined a Facebook group called CLEAN UP HALTON. It is a new group with only 55 members at the time of writing. The reason for the group is that ‘Many public areas of Halton suffer from litter bugs (I’m being kind) we want to give support to our council to act to stop these people spoiling our beautiful public spaces’. Have a look and let’s boost their numbers!

Above is a photograph of a section of the Bridgewater Canal, near to Phoenix Park, looking litter free! Some good people are already voluntarily cleaning areas of the borough and we applaud them. CLEAN UP HALTON aim to promote the cleaning and tidying up of the area and to provide a forum for like minded people to communicate, meet and tackle some of the issues. The resources provided by Halton Borough Council are insufficient to tackle this problem and so, some people have decided to tackle areas themselves. As we see it, if people didn’t litter or fly tip, there would be no problem. Sadly, they do. We would all like to see the problem go away but, it won’t. So, volunteers are trying to help us all have towns that we can be proud of.

The photographs above (by Glen Forward) show what a difference a bit of effort and time can achieve. One of the worst type of littering for me, as a pooch, is the amount of broken glass on our pavements. The glass in this area prevented us from using the footpath which will be a popular link when the Station Quarter is finished. If Unlock Runcorn, the reopening of the locks linking the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal, is a successful project, the path will have even more users. I have only cut my paw once, so I am lucky, but we know of others who have suffered a lot worse. Us pooches don’t have the luxury of shoes and boots.

Above is a section of Victoria Park, Widnes. How good does it look with no litter? Dog poo is another issue. Some is even bagged and then unbelievably, thrown into bushes or trees. OK, being a dog, I admit it, I poo anywhere! But, my human always bags it and puts it in a litter bin. It’s not always easy to find a rubbish bin but, if the big feller can carry it until he finds one, anyone can. We know that anyone who is reading this and has a dog, already is a responsible pet owner but, sadly not everyone is. My human says that not only does the mess offend him, he doesn’t feel safe letting me sniff, like dogs naturally do, in the bushes and undergrowth. There has been instances where dogs have become ill and even died after eating discarded items within our borough.

Some fantastic work has been carried out in the area lately. Sankey Canal, Past, Present and Future Facebook group (above left by Belinda Diggles) and the Keep Murdishaw Tidy Facebook group (above right by Chris Jones), have organised litter picks and clean ups. Hopefully, their dedication and pride in their surroundings will inspire others.

We felt that we had to show a few examples of the mess that some people make that is spoiling our towns. Photo’s by Glen and Alan Forward. We see it everyday but, we are used to it because it is always there. If you are interested in being involved you can join the group. You can also report to Halton Borough Council if you witness any fly-tipping. Or you can report it on the government website.








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