Runcorn Quiz 15 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. The answers to Quiz 15 are below. We hope that you enjoyed it and thank you for taking part.

1 The photograph was of the bottom of the streetlight that stands outside of the Swimming Baths.

2 These wrought iron railings can be found at an exit from the swimming baths.

3 This post can be found by the door of the Oasis building opposite the old police station

4 This is one of the upright stones that form the town stocks at the front of the old police station

5 The windows appear on the top floor of the Alchemy night club

6 The moulding appears on the post at the entrance to St. Paul’s Health Centre.

7 The boot scraper appears on the pavement by 58 High Street

8 This post protects the corner of the Curiosity Bookshop in High Street

9 The post is one of two at the front door of Chambers night club

10 The wooden decoration can be found in the car park of Wat Phra Singh Buddhist temple, the old Waterloo pub

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s latest walk! Below, just a pic of me! Till next time!


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