Runcorn Quiz 16 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Nobody managed to identify all ten photographs in Quiz 15. Me and my human have been walking all over our town while the lockdowns have been on. He always takes photographs when we are out. This week he has posted ten photographs of places on the outskirts of Runcorn but, still within the boundary. It is probably going to be a tough one! As usual, its just for fun. So, if you want to play along you can enter your answers on our blog site comments box or by private message on facebook. You could also, simply save your answers to check when we post them in a few days. Enjoy, people!

1 Where can this be seen? Its a bit of an unusual one for you to work out!

2 Where can you see this hump-back bridge?

3 Can you tell me where this is standing?

4 Where can this bridge be found?

5 Where can this structure be seen?

6 Where can this short stretch of disused canal be found?

7 Where can these allotments be found?

8 Have you seen this item on your travels?

9 Where can this picturesque row of cottages be found?

10 Where is this beautiful house to be seen?

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s latest walk! Below, just a pic of me! Till next time!


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