Runcorn Quiz 16 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. This one turned out to be a tough one. Hope that you spotted a few that you knew!

1 This piece of artwork can be found on the entrance to the Daresbury Labs complex

2 The small bridge is over the Bridgewater canal as you enter Daresbury Labs

3 The sculpture can be seen on the roadside as you enter Sandymoor from the Moore direction.

4 This railway bridge spans the Bridgewater Canal close to Murdishaw and Windmill Hill.

5 This is the Red Brow Aqueduct or Underbridge at the bottom of Red Brow Lane. It carries the Bridgewater Canal towards Preston Brook

6 This short stretch of the Runcorn and Weston Canal at Weston Point. It can be seen from Mersey View, Weston Point

7 The allotments can be seen from Weston Road over the wall where Beaconsfield House once stood.

8 This is the water pump for the Village of Preston on the Hill and can be found in the main street.

9 This picturesque row of canal cottages can be found by the Bridgewater Canal in Preston Brook, just off the roadbridge through the village

10 This pretty cottage stands on the main road through Sutton Weaver.

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s latest walk! Below, just a pic of me! Till next time!


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