Widnes Quiz 6 – The Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with my human. Apologies for being a bit late with the answers this week. We hope that you enjoyed having a go at our little quiz. Here we go, the answers are below!

1 Where can you find these two named houses? Bridge Mount and Bridge House are on Albert Road.

2 The wreck of the Eustace Carey mersey flat can be seen off Spike Island but, this stone is on the front wall of the Baptist Church in Deacon Road.

3 The opening day plaque on the Silver Jubilee Bridge

4 These two structures were furnace housings used in the manufacture of Sulphuric Acid. They can be seen on Spike Island.

5 The sculpture is called the Future Flower and can be seen on the walkway between the St. Helens Canal and the River Mersey.

6 This carved bench is by the Woodland Walk in Victoria Gardens.

7 This small formal garden can also be found in Victoria Gardens

8 This is the Gladstone Memorial Fountain in Victoria Gardens.

9 Also, in Victoria Gardens this is the memorial for the borough’s fallen who were awarded theVictoria Cross

10 This memorial stands in the grounds of St. Bede’s Church

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s sixth pictorial Widnes Quiz. Hope that you did’t find it too hard. There are no points again for identifying me below looking cool! Till next time!


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