Widnes Quiz 7 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with my human. We hope that you enjoyed playing along and trying to identify the photographs in our latest quiz. Here are the answers. We hope that you did well!

1 This image can be seen on the front of the Catalyst Museum.

2 This photograph was taken from the lock into the River Mersey at West Bank.

3 This is the wall on the promenade at West Bank

4 The wall of the Mersey pub or the ‘Snig’ in Mersey Road

5 This signpost appears on the promenade and indicates the TPT route through West Bank

6 St. Bede’s Church is where the photo was taken

7 The fountain is can be seen in Victoria Park

8 This is the remains of the swingbridge on the way out of Spike Island on the St. Helen’s Canal

9 The strange sculpture is hidden in the bushes in Albert Road.

10 The railings can be seen on West Bank by the river with the Decks in Runcorn in the background

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s seventh pictorial Widnes Quiz. Hope that you did’t find it too hard. There are no points again for identifying me waiting to go for a walk! Till next time!


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