Widnes Quiz 13 – Do you know your town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with my human. Quiz 12 failed to produce any winners. Here is quiz number 13. There are ten photographs for you to identify below. This week we were on the edge of town. It’s just for fun. No prizes, just the satisfaction of knowing that you know your town. You can message us with your answers (or questions) or comment on FaceBook. Or you can save your answers until we post them in a few days time. Enjoy!

1 What is this to be seen?

2 Where can this gate be found?

3 Where is this?

4 What building is this?

5 Where can this graphic be seen?

6 What building is this?

7 Where can this sundial be found?

8 Can you identify where this is?

9 Where can this item be found?

10 Where were we?

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s thirteeth pictorial Widnes Quiz. Hope that you don’t find it too hard. There are no points again for identifying me, the pooch in the pic! Till next time!


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