Widnes Quiz 13 – The answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here with my human. Here are the answers to our latest quiz. We hope that you scored well.

1 This is a view of Pex Hill from Norlands Lane.

2 The photo was a section of the Wilmere Lane sports ground gate

3 The pond in Birchfield Gardens

4 Currently the Pesto restaurant but, previously known as The Black Horse Hotel

5 The graphic was part of the sign for Wilmere Lane Nursery and Pre-school

6 This is Wayside on Pex Hill, under reconstruction

7 The sundial can be seen on the Leighton Observatory Visitor Centre on the top of Pex Hill

8 The United Utilities reservoir on Pex Hill

9 The name plate for Birchfield House which originally stood on this point on Lunt’s Heath Lane

10 We were in Pex Hill Quarry

That’s the end of Joe the Cocker’s thirteeth pictorial Widnes Quiz. Hope that you did’t find it too hard. There are no points again for identifying me, the pooch in the pic! Till next time!


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