About Joe the Cocker

My name is Joe. Joe the Cocker. I am an English Working Cocker Spaniel. That doesn’t mean that I work because I certainly don’t do that. I play a lot and that keeps me busy. My favourite things are to hike and backpack with my human. I like to sleep too. I am good at that. I was born in England so the English bit is correct. I was actually born in Manchester on 28th April 2017. I am definitely a Cocker Spaniel though. So, most of my breed description is accurate. This is my first attempt at blogging and my human dad has offered to type for me (slowly with two fingers) because I can’t type with my paws. If you want to invent a dog friendly keyboard please do. You could make millions of pounds. Don’t forget who gave you the idea though.

I love to be outdoors. I go to the park to chase a ball and birds and squirrels. I have never caught one yet. That is a squirrel or a bird. I love to go on walks around my area and I do this twice a day. My favourite thing though is hiking or backpacking with my dad. So, that’s what my blogs will be about. Please read them and like and comment if you do like them. Also, you can follow me and I will follow you back. I won’t physically follow you because I am not one of those stalking dogs. See you soon!

One more important thing before you get bored of reading this. Neither me or my human make any money from this blog site. We post purely as an innocent form of entertainment

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