Runcorn Quiz 5 – Do you know our town?

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. Thanks to the popularity of our little Runcorn quizzes we have decided to continue with them for now. We only had one winner in our Quiz 4, and it was Beryl Littler. Well done for spotting everywhere that we photographed in what turned out to be a difficult quiz. So, as usual, this is just for fun and you can PM me with your answers or simply wait until we post the results in a few days. Enjoy!

1 This inscription appears on the ground in a part of Runcorn. Can you identify it and where it is located?

2 Another inscription. Can you tell us where it can be seen?

3 This weather vane is on the roof of a building. Do you recollect its whereabouts?

4 This date of construction plaque is on a wall of a Runcorn building. Where is the building?

5 This inscription is on the front of a house. This is only part of the inscription so, can you identify where the house is?

6 This cobbled area is where?

7 This flight of stone steps lead to where?

8 The gargoyle water spout in the photograph is on a corner of what building?

9 This photo shows a recently cleared footpath. Can you identify where it is?

10 The final photograph shows one word that is part of a sentence and appears on what building?

Good luck with your detective work. My human dragged me around the streets of Runcorn again so that we could do this quiz. So, after it I had a well deserved kip. Till next time!


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