Runcorn Quiz 8 – The Answers

Hello again people and pooches. Joe the Cocker here. The quizzes still seem to be popular during the lockdown, while we are all limited in what we can do. We have concentrated on a walk around the older parts of the town this week.

1  This mosaic door entrance can on the entrance to the old Burton’s shop on Church Street

2 This building was obviously built in 1888 and is the Spiritualist Church on Ashridge Street.

3 This lamppost was manufactured in Timmins Foundary. It can be seen on Mersey Road by the Church gate.

4 This building is the Hearse House in the grounds of Parish Church on Church Street

5 This shutter is on the front of the library.

6 This item used to be a sundial in the churchyard of Parish Church

7 This building is the old Waterloo Community Centre in Waterloo Road.

8 The gatepost in the photo was the entrance to the dockyards on Mersey Road

9 This section of a piece of sculpture can be found on Church Street.

10 This is part of a sign on the wall of the Wilson’s pub

That’s the end of this little quiz. We hope that you enjoy racking your brain to identify the whereabouts of the items in the photographs. Till next time!

A photo of me – because I can!

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